Hi, I’m Žaneta

I trust you are here because you are ready to thrive in your life, follow your passion and overcome what is in your way to reaching your fullest potential.

Fulfillment • Inner peace • Vitality

Hi, I’m Žaneta

I trust you are here because you are ready to thrive in your life, follow your passion and overcome what is in your way to reaching your fullest potential.

My story


I got a track record of success in personal and professional life, yet despite all of that I was unhappy and unfulfilled because nothing was ever enough.

Few years ago, I was trying to be the best version of who I thought I should be and that was sucking my energy. I was stuck, feeling unworthy, playing small. I ended up anxious. I desperately wanted to know who I was. My inner critic was so loud. I lived out of integrity, disconnected and empty. 

When you are not living in alignment with your truth and you don’t share your gifts, it hurts you inside.

I had this heavy mask on, but underneath there was my soul screaming for help. 

I started working on myself, uncovering layers of deep childhood wounds but in the time when I started taking my power back it was already a bit late. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

No doubt it was the most traumatic event in my life but also the biggest blessing. 

Something changed inside of me immediately.

I have only one chance to live.

The first thing that came to my mind after they told me the diagnosis, was this: If I could do it all again, I would have the courage to go for what I really want. Would’t care what other people think of me. Wouldn’t care how imperfect it is. 

With everything I have ever learnt about mind body connection at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I knew for sure that this was the biggest gift life had given me and that it was time to wake up to my true self and find myself again. 

I started following my heart. I used everything for my growth. Through a blend of practical and spiritual practices, leveraging somatic, emotional, mental, and behavioural tools I’ve worked through to truth of who I am. 

Now I am on a mission to help others come back home to themselves so they can step into their full potential now and work on anything that is in a way to live their desires. We look at their life’s story and I guide them deep to the root, using the inside-out approach to create lasting transformative change. 

If this all resonates with you and you are ready to reinvent yourself, your life or say yes to your life’s purpose, we should have a conversation.

I believe drama is for theatre, not for real-life experiences. When I'm not being of service, you can find me deepening my skills and learning about psychology, spending time with my family, playing golf and theatre.


"Working with Zaneta was a great exercise of exploring my belief system (I thought I knew them all!) and see how apparently tiny blocks prevented me from making meaningful change. 

Our work together happened also in a very open and playful way. 

She has demonstrated such a gift to put me at ease and open up to the beauty, not the difficulty of the road I had chosen.

I warmly recommend Zaneta if you feel stuck, she will help you gracefully to step into your future with confidence.” 

Daniela Simionescu

Education and Experience

2019 - 2020 Institut for Integrative Nutrition, New York

 1 year long Health Coach Training Program

 Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


2001 - 2006 Master’s degree at Masaryk University, Brno

Faculty of Arts - Theatre Science

 Co-author of the book National house in Prostějov, 1907 – 2007, ISBN 978-80-239-7247-4, 

published in Prostějov, 2007


2005 – 2005 Universität Wien, Vídeň

Theatre Literature, History and Criticism 

Erasmus exchange program

Other certificates


 2020 Evercoach by Mindvalley, Being an Exponential Coach by Rich Litvin 

2022 Evercoach by Mindvalley, Impacting Leaders by Michael Neil


 I have a great passion for learning so I constantly develop my skills through courses, trainings and working with coaches. My mentors are Dr. Joe Dispenza, Rich Litvin, Brendon Burchard, Lenka Lutonská, Marisa Peer, Shani Taylor and others. 

I offer experience through my 10 years of working in corporation. I organised events for top affluent clientele, worked in marketing, sponsorship and as an editor in chief of a lifestyle magazine. 

You can find more about my professional experience on LinkedIN.