Fulfillment • Inner peace • Vitality

Everything is possible

if you believe it and decide to take the first step

Everything is possible

if you believe it and decide to take the first step

Clients come to me for coaching if:

They want to move forward in life but don’t know how.

They’ve been through a difficult time in life and they look for ways how to sustain their health and vitality.

They are interested in self development and they want to understand themselves even more. They want to be clear about their future and are ready to face challenges, fears and blocks.

They want to discover their potential and create in an alignment with their gifts and talents.

They don’t want to wait and are ready for a change.

Still thinking if coaching it the right fit for you?
Absolutely, if some of those themes resonate with you:

You feel an inner confusion that leaves you feeling like you're not good enough.

You try to please everyone, but you don't have time for yourself.

You constantly want to be in control, perfect and crave discipline.

You are afraid of criticism from others, but you criticise yourself even more.

You are afraid that when you are doing well, something will go wrong.

How others perceive you is important to you.

You are under pressure, stressed and it is not easy for you to relax.

By working together, you will have a deep understanding of who you are and how that shows up in each area of your life – from your physical body to your mental health and felt emotions to your deepest spiritual needs. These aspects of health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – are interconnected and influence one another in many ways. 

My method of coaching is to get to the root of what challenges you. Whether it is in your relationships, career, finances, physical or emotional health. And help you remove the blocks from experiencing your most authentic, confident sense of wholeness. 

You’ll learn to tap into your own innate wisdom and create health and lifestyle practices that honor your unique needs so you can thrive from the inside out. 

Imagine in your life:

Getting crystal clear on your vision and coming up with an aligned action plan that feels inspiring.

Gracefully navigating your biggest obstacles and challenges with calm and confidence.

Having a clear and strong inner and outer strategy to create what you want.

Learning to use everything that comes your way as an opportunity to get even more aligned to your purpose.

Your feminine and masculine energy is healed and balanced so you can be in flow.

You have healthy boundaries and you trust in yourself and your capabilities. 

Your body is no longer in contraction and you love yourself.

You know how to cope with your emotions and how to listen to your body’s signals and intuition.

You gain new perspectives, inner peace, increase awareness and enhance creativity.

Your fears and limiting beliefs are dissolved.

Are you ready to be all in

to create a bigger vision for your life?

Be authentically you.
Now is the time for deep


“Working with you Zaneta helped me uncover blindspots in my own thinking I wasn't aware of, and I thought I had a clear idea of my own situation. Thanks to our time together, and having an experienced coach to guide me on what I couldn't see for myself, I was able to get a hold of my concerns thanks to her valuable insights. I would not hesitate to recommend Zaneta to others looking for much needed coaching guidance!”

Linda Doan

Dear Zaneta, thanks for our sessions that were fun as well as insightful. I like that you were not afraid to question my thinking and call me out on some of the beliefs running the show. I realized how short-sighted I was. That opened up new possibilities and ways to see things differently and, most importantly, more simply. I’m still pondering some things that came up in our sessions with a newfound sense of open-mindedness. Thank you ! "
Simone Härer

Transformation is a huge turn in thinking and understanding of the world. It leads to finding the divine essence within us and explains what is it to be alive. In my coaching I combine different methods, based on a holistic concept of health, transformative coaching, laser-focused coaching, and methods that engage your imagination, creativity, intuition, and your bodily sensations.

My superpower is to observe and analyse situations, interpret and put things into unexpected contexts.