Intuice, rozhodnutí

How do you know that you are led by your intuition?

We all have it, but not all of us know how to listen to it. However, if you get quiet and have enough patience, it can guide you nicely and make a number of decisions easier.

It comes to everyone through different channels. It can be as a sensation, an image, a dream or a feeling. Today I want to share with you 3 signs that you can tell that you are guided by intuition. Every time I am faced with a major decision, these 3 signals work for me one hundred percent. At the end of the article I will give you one tip, what you can do to strengthen your intuition. 

Next time when facing a decision try to notice these 3 moments.

1. It will be a challenge 

You will feel that it will move you forward. That no matter how it turns out, you will learn something new thanks to it and you will grow as a person. Especially for more fundamental decisions, this is a great sign if you can recognise it in yourself.

2. It takes courage

You go outside your comfort zone and you will feel that it requires determination and that it calls you to stand in your power. It won't always make sense to you. Your inner logic will speak to you, fears and limiting beliefs start to come up, but intuition does not hold you back, on the contrary, it moves you forward.

3. You will get a boost of energy

You will recognize this on the body. Even before it happens, before you decide, you will feel it in the form of aliveness and joy. You simply know that you are going in the right direction. There is determination and at the same time there is peace and clarity.

The more you notice how intuition speaks to you, the easier it will be for you to let it guide you. 

One of the tips I want to give you today is journaling. 

Start writing down how information comes to you - inner wisdom. Is it visually, through symbols, or that you hear something, it's that gut feeling that you just know. We all experience this differently.

Try every night, for a week (or as long as you want), to write down moments when, for example, you were driving somewhere and you were led to drive this way and then you found a great parking spot. Start with something small. When you get dressed in the morning, notice how you choose clothes, food, etc. Play with it and test it out. Observe how it made you feel. 

Gradually, you will start to strengthen your self-confidence and self-trust.

Let yourself be guided and observe how is it working for you. I will be glad if you let me know how you feel about intuition.

With LOVE 



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