3 reasons why you are not in your power

Do you ever feel like life is controlling you more than you are controlling it? That you don't have it completely under your control, you tend to be dissatisfied, irritable and easily upset? Then it is an invitation to awaken your inner strength. 

Inner strength is such a solid foundation that you can lean on. When faced with any challenge in life, being in your power means that you have your life in your hands and you are the one who determines its quality and direction. Because if you don't have solid foundations, you can't build anything on them.

We all have this source of strength within us. We are born strong, it is our inner home and we can reconnect to it to find ourselves. 

Here are 3 reasons why you are not in your power

  1. You are controlled by the past

    The kind of childhood you had, the amount of unconditional love, acceptance and feeling of importance you received, that's how much strength you have now in the present. As children, we only have one order. To be loved unconditionally. And so we will do anything to get that love. Often in an effort to please others, we disconnect from ourselves and stop believing in ourselves.

    We put on a mask to please parents, teachers, authorities. They all have an effect on us, as well as the environment in which we live. As children we hear, see and learn everything by observation. 

    Everyone probably still remembers parents saying "come back when you're normal" "calm down immediately" or "well you're great then" (sarcasm). They are all unfulfillable demands, confused tasks and a way to feed the inner critic and doubts. Then it is difficult to trust your visions, values ​​and thoughts. What is truly yours and what have you taken over? 

  2. You don't know how your mind works

    When you don't know the internal system of how you work, it's easy to believe anything your mind presents to you. Programs that are stored there from childhood, limiting beliefs, fears, experienced patterns of behavior, all this affects you throughout your life. 
    The mind doesn't know the difference between what is and what isn't reality and that's good news because then you can train the mind to work for you and not the other way round. To begin become aware of your subconscious programs, to become aware of your inner dialogue, to stop identifying with it and to gradually take that power back. Adulthood is about discovering yourself and understanding that the power is in your hands and only you can decide to start working with your psyche. 
  3. You are not connected to your body

    You have learned not to feel your emotions. Maybe they were very painful, maybe your parents told you not to cry, that no one likes whimpers, or you were so confused by all the demands that it was better to just stay in your head and be always on your guard. 
    Then it is difficult to listen to your intuition, tune in to your inner voice, be in touch with yourself and know what you need right now. Then it is difficult to listen to your intuition, tune in to your inner voice, be in touch with yourself and know what you need right now. 
    When you live only in your head, you just float through life and don't see its beauty, because being connected to yourself means that you stop, listen and feel yourself. And that includes the entire spectrum of emotions. Which often takes a lot of courage, but that's the way how you can also discover your gifts.  

Everything that happens to us in life is an opportunity for personal growth. The most beautiful thing in this world is when you throw away all the masks and rediscover yourself. 

I will share the topic of inner strength on lecture Health Begins In Your Mind, 20 April in Řež near Prague, in beautiful cafe Konkáva. You can find the application here under this link.

I want to show you a different perspective on how to perceive challenging situations. And that through my personal story. What is it like when cancer becomes a gift and an opportunity to meet yourself and thanks to it you discover your strength and inner peace. I will share techniques for working with the mind and emotions so that you have the tools to put into practice every day. 



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